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Highly Visible Yellow Polyethylene Cushioning Column Protectors

Polyethylene cushioning protects columns from damage and people from injury.

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From: £264.20 ex. VAT ( £317.04 inc. VAT)

  • Designed to release air pressure at the point of impact for excellent cushioning
  • High-visibility yellow design to minimise impacts
  • Easy to assemble and install, with no other fixings needed

Warehouses, loading bays and other large rooms are typically filled with columns, and they can be extremely problematic for people on foot, forklift truck drivers or those moving large, bulky pieces of equipment. With these column protectors, you can easily provide an excellent level of cushioning against all kinds of impacts, for vastly increased safety. These polyethylene column protectors are made to release air pressure if there's an impact, which makes them highly effective cushioning surfaces.

Protecting columns is useful in three different ways. Firstly, it protects people if they fail to see the columns and collide with them. Secondly, it protects the columns themselves from damage caused by machinery or vehicles, and finally, it limits any damage to equipment or machinery that's involved in a collision. Because they're constructed from a bright-yellow material, the protectors also make columns far more visible, helping to prevent impacts from occurring. In areas where forklift trucks operate, make sure you display ample warning signs so that people can be on their guard.

These column protectors are quick and easy to assemble around the columns you need to cover, as they simply fit over them without the need for extra fixings. If you need more height, they can conveniently be stacked on top of each other to cover more of the column. Four different size options are available, so you can make sure you get the right one for the columns in your workplace, with no guesswork needed.

These durable, weather-resistant polyethylene column protectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so you can increase safety throughout your business. They're also long-lasting and won't need replacing frequently after installation. If you have delicate equipment and machinery that you need to protect against vehicle impacts, our curved hoop guards make an effective permanent installation that prevents damage.

Most buildings are filled with corners that are difficult to see, sharp edges and all manner of other features that cause potential risks to your employees, contractors and visitors. Ensure they're all protected against collisions with our range of impact protectors and guards.

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