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Chemical-resistant, anti-slip epoxy paint

Helps prevent slipping accidents on floors with this durable paint

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£135.00 ex. VAT ( £162.00 inc. VAT)
  • Two-part epoxy paint
  • Protects against wet conditions
  • Can be used with stencils

Smooth, slippery floors can be hazardous to people walking, especially in areas where staff are busy carrying out work and may not be giving their full attention to ground conditions. With this paint, it's easy to create an anti-slip surface on floors, making them much safer by increasing grip, even in wet conditions.

In addition to its anti-slip properties, the paint is highly resistant to the majority of chemicals, so it is suitable for use even in areas where chemicals are handled and spills are a possibility. The paint is hard-wearing and durable, so it won't need frequent repainting to maintain its effect.

As an alternative to simply covering floors to increase safety, the paint can be used with stencils such as our 'keep clear' model to create signs on the ground where they will be easily seen. Because it is anti-slip, the paint won't make surfaces hazardous after application.

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