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Colour-coded clip-on security visitor badge holders

Identify your visitors and assign access to different areas


From: £39.99 ex. VAT ( £47.99 inc. VAT)
  • Available in five different colours
  • Clips included for attaching to clothing
  • Standard size compatible with many different badge types

With visitors coming and going at various times during your working day, having a reliable way to keep track of them helps you keep your business secure and prevent unauthorised access. This can be a challenge in business premises where some areas are accessible for certain people but off-limits for others. These clip-on badge holders are a simple way to keep track of who is allowed where, as assigning colours to specific parts of your building allows you to check ID at a glance.

The badge holders are designed for use with ID measuring 60 x 90 millimetres, which are commonly used dimensions for identification badges. This makes them suitable for holding our printable badge inserts, which are supplied on A4 sheets and ideal for creating your own custom, professional badges.

Our badge holders are available in blue, green, red yellow or clear versions, which gives you the ability to introduce colour coding. You can use them to assign access to certain areas, differentiate between staff, visitors and contractors, or to periodically switch to a different colour in order to reduce the risk of fraudulent access. Each badge holder is supplied with its own clip for attaching to pockets, belts or other parts of the clothing, but these can be removed if you prefer to use them with lanyards. We supply pre-printed lanyards stating either 'visitor' or 'contractor', which can further help you to keep your building secure.

Using different colours with your badge holders is a highly effective way to make the job easier for security personnel and others who might need to check whether certain people are authorised to access your premises, and it makes it more difficult for people to create fake identification badges in advance.

Our complete visitor registration system is an excellent companion to these badge holders, helping you keep records of who is visiting your workplace.

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Product Description Colour-Coded Clip-On Badges

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