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First Aid essential Colenso couch

Comfortable couch for examining and treating First Aid patients


£560.00 ex. VAT ( £672.00 inc. VAT)

  • Two colour options available
  • Wipe-clean material allows complete hygiene
  • Adjustable backrest with self-locking system

In a First Aid room, it's essential to keep patients as calm and as comfortable as possible. This Colenso couch is designed to make any examinations or treatments as settled as possible, by aiding patient comfort and reassuring them through simple design and clear good hygiene standards.

Available in either black or navy, the couch looks smart, retaining a professional feel. Its adjustable self-locking backrest can be customised depending on the treatment required, and as it is upholstered with rounded corners, there is no risk of further injury through pointed corners, and risk of infection is reduced through the wipe-clean material. The material is also flame-retardant and complies to BS 5852, and the couch comes supplied with a paper roll holder, for easy supply of paper across the body of the couch.

Make it even easier for patients to access the couch with anti-slip couch steps, which are a highly recommended addition in order to make couch user experience as comfortable as possible.

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