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Hard-wearing coir mats for building entrance points

Thick matting ideal for taking off dirt and debris from shoes upon entry


From: £44.55 ex. VAT ( £53.46 inc. VAT)

  • Available in a huge range of sizes
  • Made from natural materials and bonded with strong PVC
  • Cleans easily

If your building is situated in an area where it is likely that workmen or otherwise could bring dust and dirt in from outdoors, coir matting is the ideal solution to rid boots and shoes of muck before fully entering the property. These thick mats will allow you to maintain a smart interior free of mud, while ensuring that personnel have adequate facilities to scrape their shoes.

A traditional material, coir matting is a natural fibre that has been firmly bonded on to PVC backing to create a hard-wearing and resilient surface to clean footwear. The absorbency of the material keeps water or thicker mud to the coir, and when it comes to cleaning the mat, it's simple: just vacuum or shake it out.

If you feel that you need twice the protection for inside from out, place a outdoor entrance scraper mat the other side of the door, to create a double barrier against dirt and grime.

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Brand COBA

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