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Easy-fix “closed” laser acrylic sign

An easily interpretable acrylic sign reading "closed" designed to contrast well with its surroundings

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£21.95 ex. VAT
£19.97 ex. VAT ( £23.97 inc. VAT)
  • Made from durable 1.6mm thick acrylic
  • Fixing materials included
  • Designed to contrast with surroundings to catch attention easily

One task every business must carry out daily is marking when they are open and closed, to prevent customers from experiencing uncertainty as to whether or not a business’ services can be utilised at a particular time. This "closed" laser engraved acrylic sign is an easy to apply, low-cost solution to this problem.

Made from 1.6mm thick acrylic to ensure a sleek look alongside general durability and coming in a variety of background colours, this sign places white, sans-serif font lettering against a contrasting background for easy interpretation in many different light levels. The sign's dimensions of 50mm height by 200mm width give the sign an appropriate level of prominence without making it hard to place or store.

The "closed" laser engraved acrylic sign comes with materials to allow the sign to be easily fixed to a surface, eliminating the potential hassle of extra work ensuring the sign stays in place at all times. A similarly designed "open" laser engraved acrylic sign is also available to compliment the closed sign, maintaining aesthetic cohesion whilst allowing the expression of both states of availability.

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