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Easily installed clip-on racking protection

Strong, easy to install racking protection designed to prevent serious accidents in the work place.

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From: £74.25 ex. VAT ( £89.10 inc. VAT)

  • Made from high impact resistant polyethylene
  • Available in three sizes that fit columns of up to 122 mm in width
  • Can be installed without tools and additional fixings

In environments that require the moving and storing of heavy goods, accidents, particularly collisions, are more likely than not. A ClipOn Racking Protection won't stop an accident, but made from high impact resistant polyethylene, it will limit and even prevent any lasting damage. It can even protect goods stored in temperatures as low as -40. It's not only the racks you will need to protect. Polyurethane-foam-surface-impact-protectors will protect your vehicles and rubber corner protectors will protect the corners of walls.

For fast moving environments, the racking protector's biggest advantage is that it is easy to install. It is has no screws or fitting. All you are required to do it to clip it around the column of the rack. If you then need to use it for another column you can simply unclip it and fix it to the next one.

In addition, the ClipOn Racking Protection is available in three different widths. The smallest fits columns up to 87mm and the largest fits columns between 101-122 mm. All ClipOn Racking Protectors are 600mm high.

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