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Hermetically Sealed Clinical Waste Containers

Seal away any clinical waste for safe disposal

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From: £298.00 ex. VAT ( £357.60 inc. VAT)
  • When sealed, the containers can't be opened
  • Physical and chemical resistant polyethylene
  • Store easily thanks to integrated stacking edges

If you have any involvement in the handling of clinical waste, you are no doubt aware of the responsibility to store and dispose of it safely. To do so most effectively, you need strong, reliable containers so that you can ensure potentially hazardous waste is kept inside and can't leak or be spilled. In the event of bodily fluids needing to be cleaned up, you should be prepared to do so quickly and safely with our body fluid spill kits, complete with everything you need to get clinical waste off floors and surfaces and into a container for disposal.

These high-quality polyethylene containers offer a high level of resistance to chemicals and physical wear, keeping their contents secure and preventing leaks from occurring. The bright yellow colour of the containers maximises visibility and complies with colour coding regulations for clinical and highly infectious waste materials.

The containers feature hermetically-sealing lids which are airtight and watertight. Providing an extremely high level of security, the lids also have non-reverse locks, so once they have been sealed they cannot be opened again. You can have total confidence in the safety of the container's contents, whether from accidental or deliberate opening. Once used and sealed, the stacking edges that are part of the containers' design allow them to be stored easily without using up unnecessary space.

Because of the high safety level of these containers, they help to control and reduce the spread of infectious diseases like Ebola and flu by securing clinical waste that could potentially contain viruses and germs.

If you store hazardous, infectious clinical waste, let people know to take care around containers by displaying our biohazard warning signs in a prominent position.

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