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Transparent free-standing recycling bin

Recycling bin with clear panels for an easy disposal solution


From: £129.99 ex. VAT ( £155.99 inc. VAT)
  • Clear panels enable quick identification of content
  • Removable capsule for simple emptying
  • Floor pedal ensures maximum hygiene

Recycling is an important consideration in any working environment, and providing an adequate way for staff to recycle a range of goods is now expected. Our clear recycling bins can be used in just about any office environment to responsibly recycle of a number of different items.

Our clear recycling bins, also known as transparent recycling bins, see-through recycling bins and clear recycling waste baskets, have secure lids that sit in place when the bin is not being used, preventing any spillages or over-filling. They are easy to operate: contents can be disposed of in a quick and hygienic manner by standing on the foot pedal, which, when pressed, opens the lid.

The recycling bins’ capsules can be easily removed, to make emptying the contents a simple process. The bins contain a see-through plastic capsule sackholder, which enables the contents of the bin to be visible at all times. This makes it extra clear to those using it to see what content is meant to be placed in it, and also ensures that rogue items are not left in the bins. If you would prefer to conceal the contents of your recycling units, our recycling centres have opaque barrels.

Our clear recycling bins have a solid and sturdy frame, meaning that they can work as standalone units in most working environments. The bin sits two wide feet, which distribute weight evenly to ensure that the bins are safe and secure at all times.

Recycling makes for a positive working environment. Our colour coded recycling bins help to keep your workplace environmentally conscious and aware.

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