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Clear wall corner protector

Discreetly prevents damage to walls


£36.70 ex. VAT ( £44.04 inc. VAT)
  • Made from a tough polycarbonate
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy set-up with screws or self-adhesives
  • Stop corners getting damaged in busy areas

In busy workplaces and public areas, damage to walls is quite common and it's the corners that tend to take most of the impacts. This can be a particular problem in places like schools, hospitals, and reception areas in hotels and other businesses, where people are constantly moving through without always paying attention to where they're going. Warehouses and shop floors are also prone to wall damage when employees are frequently moving goods about on trolleys or pallets.

Our strong polycarbonate corner protectors cover the corners of walls and help prevent damage from impacts. This clear material gives a discreet covering, but we also stock a model available in four different colours, which you may be able to match to the existing wall colour.

Polycarbonate is a plastic known for its strength and its good resistance to impacts, making it a great choice of material for this purpose. Once in place, it will be long-lasting and keep your walls looking as good as new without needing frequent replacement.

The corner protectors are quick and easy to install, coming pre-drilled with 6 bolt-holes of 5mm diameter. These allow the corner protectors to be screwed to the wall without having to waste time drilling hole first, or they can be installed with a self-adhesive fixing instead if you prefer. They're supplied in lengths of 1.2 metres with a 90º angle and each flat section measuring 80mm. The thickness is 3mm, which gives good protection while still being thin and discreet.

In areas where a lot of large equipment is regularly wheeled around, corner protection might not be enough to keep your walls from becoming damaged. Add some wall protector strips to prevent scuffs and other damage along walls.

Additional Information

Size 1200 mm
Supplied in Single

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