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Useful Clean-Step Matting Refill Pad

Adhesive coated, 6.5 mm thick pads protect against dust and dirt


£111.25 ex. VAT ( £133.50 inc. VAT)
  • 60 sheets included as standard
  • Available in three colours: white, grey or blue
  • Easy refill for original pad

These pads are best used in environments where cleanliness is key - including hospitals, clean rooms and other low-contamination environments. Their adhesive surface makes it easy for them to attract and keep hold of dirt, for easy disposal later in one of our Colour-Coded Swing Bins.

Thick enough to withstand plenty of footfall, these peel-off pads are easy to deploy. As well as being affordable, they're a great time and effort-saving measure, particularly if you're working quickly or in a place where clean-up is difficult. Save yourself even more effort with our Entrance Launder Mat to remove dirt before it even gets inside.

Additional Information

Brand COBA

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