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Practical, spill prevention clay drain covers

Clay drain seals to prevent dangerous spills and incorrect disposal


£125.00 ex. VAT ( £150.00 inc. VAT)
  • Mouldable clay covers
  • No need to prepare surface
  • Seals tight to stop leaks

Our clay drain covers are part of an extensive range of COSHH control products, designed to prevent harmful spills and to make chemical handling safer. Dangerous chemicals need to be used in many commercial and industrial applications, but they must be correctly handled and disposed of. Without proper care before, during, and after use, hazardous materials can damage the environment, create a danger to public health and leave companies facing big fines.

One way hazardous chemicals enter the environment is through the drainage system. If dangerous liquids are spilled or need to be poured, they could leak into drains and contaminate water supplies. These clay drain covers were designed to solve that problem. The flexible, soft clay covers measure 450x650mm: the size of most standard drains. Smaller vents will sit comfortably underneath the seal, and for larger drains the clay seals will overlap or sit alongside each other. The clay covers are laid over the drain opening and pressed firmly down, creating a tight seal that cannot be penetrated by liquid. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and will seal over any hard surface such as concrete or stone.

There is no need to prepare the surface when you apply the drain covers - simply stick down and the clay will do its job. When work is complete and the spill has been safely cleaned up or dried, you can remove the seal by carefully lifting its sides. If the clay has dried during use, you can break the seal easily leaving little or no residue or mark. Just use a hammer or similar to crack the clay. For more spill control products, we stock a vast range to keep your line of work running smoothly and safely.

Additional Information

Application Seal drains to prevent contamination
Application Area Indoor and Outdoor
Brand JSP®
Material Clay
Size (W x L) 450 x 650 mm
Supplied in Single

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