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Fire Blanket Kit with Safety Signs

Everything you need to display your fire blanket most effectively

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From: £14.99 ex. VAT ( £17.99 inc. VAT)
  • Classic fire blanket in its own red wall-mounted case
  • Sign to show if the blanket is missing
  • Also includes an instructional sign for using the blanket

A fire blanket is a safe and effective way to smother fires in kitchens or on clothing. This kit contains everything you need to make sure your fire blanket is displayed prominently, and instructions for use are available. It also provides a simple way to tell if the blanket is missing, so a replacement can be arranged quickly.

The blanket itself is housed in a red case, which improves visibility and is easy to associate with its purpose. The case is ready for mounting to a wall, making it easily available for use in an emergency.

The instructional sign included in the package features a clear and simple message, with pictures included to help understanding. This ensures that anyone who needs to read it will find it easy to learn how the blanket should be used. A second sign is placed behind the blanket, providing a quick way to see when it is missing.

Our space saving fire blanket is ideal for small rooms.

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