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Compact Steel Waste Baskets in Choice of Colours

Useful for sorting recycling or complementing your colour scheme


From: £13.99 ex. VAT ( £16.79 inc. VAT)
  • Strong steel material
  • Fit under desks or in other small spaces
  • Can be used for colour-coding waste

These smart, neat bins are perfect for sorting different types of waste, with the different colour options letting you implement a colour-coding system. Used alongside our various recycling signs, creating a simple and intuitive recycling point is easy. Colour-coding can also be used to assign waste baskets to different departments or areas, making them easy to return if they become misplaced. Alternatively, the different colours available allow you to choose waste baskets that fit in with the existing decorative colour scheme or branding of your business.

Made from durable steel, these bins are excellent for heavy use, where their hard-wearing construction will come in handy. The small compact design makes them an ideal choice for placement underneath desks, or in areas where space is at a premium. They provide a neat appearance that won't detract from the smart image of your business.

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