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Chrome Wire Shelving

For shelving which is durable, flexible and hygienic.

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From: £69.95 ex. VAT ( £83.94 inc. VAT)
  • Standalone or connect to multiple units
  • Flexible, anti dust shelving system
  • Ultra simple assembly

When considering which shelving system to use, the issue comes down to more than just size. Some items benefit from a better air flow and require easy access from employees at all times.

In many cases, chrome wire shelving provides the perfect solution, giving items placed within it unmatched exposure to air flow, as well as penetration from light. This open style of secure shelving also results in less moisture and dust being accumulated, which in almost all cases is beneficial for the items being stored, in addition to the ease with which they are maintained.

Chrome wire shelving requires minimal fuss when it comes to assembly, with no nuts and bolts needed, and it is possible to connect multiple units together, meaning there are few limits when it comes to the scope of the storage areas you can create.

As with most shelving, adjustability is a common concern - especially when dealing with items that can vary in size - for heads of procurement, whose job it is to ensure the best return on investment. That's why chrome wire shelving makes so much sense, being adjustable every 25mm, with a full range of accessories available to supplement your storage provisions.

Warehouses that are used for storing bulky items can benefit from a UDL shelf capacity of up to 300kg, which is another reason why chrome wire shelving is among the most popular products in the ever expanding Safetyshopwarehouse equipment storage solutions range, which offers a complete collection of products to help your business manage storage more efficiently.

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