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Caution – wet floor' sign in rigid plastic or vinyl with optional self-adhesive

Let people know about any wet floors so they can avoid injury


From: £5.49 ex. VAT
From: £4.45 ex. VAT ( £5.34 inc. VAT)
  • Standard, fully compliant symbol included for quick recognition
  • Bright, highly visible yellow and black colour scheme
  • Your choice of size and material with a self-adhesive option

Wet floors are extremely hazardous, particularly as they can be difficult to notice without a warning, which puts people at increased risk of accidents. It's your legal duty to keep people safe by providing a clear notice wherever there's a wet, slippery floor, and this sign is an effective way to fulfil this duty. We also stock signs for surfaces that are slippery whether they're wet or dry.

This sign is available in five different sizes, so you can order the right one for your needs and avoid being stuck with a notice that's too big to fit where you need it to, or too small to be seen from a long enough distance. You can also choose between rigid plastic and vinyl, with vinyl being the best option if you want to display it on a curved surface, as it's flexible. Finally, there's an option for self-adhesive backing, which gives you a way to mount the sign as soon as you receive it without the need for tools or other fixing materials. The self-adhesive version can also be fixed to a board or stand, which gives you a sign to display on a temporary basis as you need to. If a temporary sign is useful to you, however, our classic plastic standing sign might be the best option.

The safety regulation BS 5499 governs the use of signs and symbols to warn people of hazards, and this sign conforms fully with its guidelines. This helps you ensure you're getting a properly designed sign that will help you with legal compliance and warn people effectively.

In areas where there's a constantly wet floor or a frequent risk of spills, this sign can be displayed permanently so that anyone entering the room will be aware of the danger. This applies to chemical storage rooms or those with equipment that may leak onto the floor. As this may involve hazardous substances, it's even more important to warn people, so that they can avoid contact. In the event of leaks or spills, make sure you have a spill kit to clean up quickly and leave the area safe again.

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