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Clear and concise hot water caution signs

Warning signs to alert visitors and staff of the dangers of very hot water

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From: £1.99 ex. VAT
From: £1.81 ex. VAT ( £2.17 inc. VAT)
  • Universally recognised black caution symbol on yellow background
  • Made from rigid plastic or flexible vinyl for application onto curved surfaces
  • Conforms to health and safety signage regulations

Hot water can cause burns in the workplace if misused. In instances where water may be unexpectedly hot – such as from a hand-washing basin in staff toilets – our caution very hot water signs can warn people of potential burns from hot water and are an effective way to make sure they take extra care when using facilities.

Our caution hot water signs, also known as hot water warning signs, are sold in a choice of two materials – rigid plastic for application onto flat surfaces, or flexible vinyl, which is ideal for surfaces that may be curved, such as boilers, cylinder and wash basins. The rectangular signs are easy and fast to apply, and no fixing is required.

The smooth surfaces of our potential burns warning signs make them easy to wipe clean. They are also extra durable, ensuring that they will not peel away or damage easily. Our danger hot water signs are just one of a range of signs we stock to warn staff and visitors of potential burns due to hot water and high temperatures. Our high temperature signs are ideal for warning of a range of potential causes of high temperatures, and can be easily applied to any smooth, dry surface.

Our caution signage is an effective way to alert people to dangers. If you prefer, we also stock warning signs, such as the alternative warning very hot water signs, which have the same impact when alerting people to hot water.

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