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Destructible adhesive hot surface safety labels

Apply these tamper-resistant labels to warn of hazardous hot surfaces

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From: £22.99 ex. VAT ( £27.59 inc. VAT)
  • Will not be removed in one piece
  • Strong adhesive for indoor and outdoor use
  • Clear message and symbol

It is always a challenge to keep your safety labels in place, as some self-adhesive stickers can be easy to peel off and tamper with. However, these adhesive safety labels will crumble into tiny pieces if people try to peel them off, making them fully tamper-proof.

You can apply these cautionary labels to almost any clean, dry and smooth surface - including curved surfaces and cylinders. The permanent adhesive on these hot surface warning labels will hold in both indoor and outdoor locations and will withstand even the toughest of environments. The bright yellow and black warning stickers display a clear message and are highly visible, even from a distance.

We stock a variety of safety labels and stickers. For dangerous surfaces, you may also be interested in our caution do not touch warning labels.

Temperature warnings are also available as full size signs.

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