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Anti-slip floor signs with electric vehicle warning

Make people aware of electric vehicles by displaying this clear sign

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From: £32.95 ex. VAT
From: £29.98 ex. VAT ( £35.98 inc. VAT)

  • Compliant with regulations for safety signs
  • Non-slip coating to prevent accidents
  • Self-adhesive for easy application

Electric vehicles can present a hazard to pedestrians in your work area, whether they're other staff or visitors. If they're warned, people can be aware of the risks and act with caution to avoid accidents. Displayed on the floor, this sign provides a highly-visible way to warn people that electric vehicles operate nearby.

The sign features a self-adhesive backing, which makes it easy to apply in just a few seconds. Once in place, it will stay firmly where you need it to, and its anti-slip laminate finish means that grip won't be compromised if used in walkways.

The sign is designed to conform to regulations, and its standard symbol and text mean it presents a clear and unambiguous message. This helps safety by being instantly recognisable.

For forklift trucks, we stock a floor sign to warn about this vehicle type specifically.

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