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Carbon Dioxide European Linerless Pipe Markers

Carbon dioxide pipe markers made from chemical and scratch resistant laminated polyester

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From: £77.75 ex. VAT ( £93.30 inc. VAT)
  • Conform to RAL European Standard Colour Coding
  • Pipe-markers with hazardous substances conform to European regulations 1272/2008, 790/2009 & 286/2011
  • Easy to use and quick to apply

Need quick and easy compliance with EU regulations? Look no further. Our pipe markers ensure that you comply with all relevant EU regulations. These long lasting pipe markers are suitable for all your pipe marking needs and come in two formats for your convenience. The first, single format pipe markers, have perforated arrows, meaning you don’t need to find a pair of scissors and start cutting away at the label, simply tear off the part you don’t need. The second option is our roll-form format. With this format you can quickly and easily apply the marker directly from the roll, rather than fiddling around with it, thus saving you energy and time.

Because we know there are a range of pipes you might be wanting to mark, we offer three sizes with our single option and two with our roll-form option. All of our single option markers come with 30 markers per roll, so all you need to think about is the size. With our roll-form pipe markets, you get 505 markers on our smaller option (0 - 69mm) and 220 on our larger option (70+ mm). Don’t forget, these markers are only for carbon dioxide, but we also offer a huge range of other pipe markers in our pipe markers section.

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