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Weather-resistant exit only car park sign

Keep traffic flow safe and efficient in your car park


From: £13.95 ex. VAT ( £16.74 inc. VAT)
  • Recognisable and visible design
  • Clearly-presented message
  • Strong high-quality materials

If you have a car park on your business premises, particularly if it's a larger one, it's vital that vehicles entering and exiting move in a safe and controlled manner to avoid accidents and hold-ups. We supply a complete range of vehicle navigation signs to help you direct people where they need to go and create a detailed system of instructional signs.

This car park sign helps clearly mark out the exit of your car park, with instructions not to enter via the route marked by the sign. This ensures that there is a one-way system of traffic leaving your car park, drastically reducing the chance of accidents.

The high-quality sign is constructed from weather-resistant materials, and designed to be easily understood. The blue and white colour scheme increases visibility and helps the sign to be at its most effective, ensuring the car park rules are obeyed.

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