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Durable Car Park Navigation Sign with Right Arrow

Provide simple directions to your car park for visitors


From: £24.00 ex. VAT
From: £21.84 ex. VAT ( £26.21 inc. VAT)
  • Simple and clear design
  • Durable, weather-resistant construction
  • Helps increase visibility of your parking facilities

Customers and other visitors may find it difficult to locate your car park if they're unfamiliar with your business premises, but this sign makes it easy to point them in the right direction. The arrow included in the design provides a clear direction to follow, helping people get to your car park in no time.

The quality, weather-resistant materials of the sign ensure it will be strong and long-lasting, making it suitable for permanent fitting outdoors where it will be of most use. The sign is designed to be as clear as possible, with simple text and the universally-recognised car park sign for easy understanding.

Displaying this sign in a prominent location where the arrow can point directly towards your car park makes visitors feel welcome and alleviates the stress of trying to navigate unfamiliar places.

Let people know they've found the right entrance for your car park with our welcome sign.

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