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Flexible spiral cable and wire tidy

Cable tidy for indoor and outdoor use to protect and consolidate wires.


From: £4.05 ex. VAT ( £4.86 inc. VAT)
  • Standard material version best suited to tidying indoor office cabling
  • UV resistant version for outdoors
  • Cut to required size and wrap around.

A flexible protective sheath for cables of all types, these spiral cable and wire tidies are a versatile solution for loose cabling. In the office, use the standard version (in a grey colour) to cover unsightly wires and help to simplify 'office clutter'. For outside uses, such as gathering together CCTV cables or binding wires, buy the UV resistant version (in black) which is designed to withstand the conditions. As well as being available in two different materials to suit your environment, it comes in three diameters so you can hold different sizes or numbers of cables at once. Choose from: 1.6 to 12mm, 402 to 50mm or 9.5 to 100mm to match the diameter of your wiring bundles. Quick and intuitive to apply, you simply cut the spiral cable tidy to the required size and wrap around the cables you want to conceal or condense, removing the risk of frustratingly tangled cables for good.

Priced per two metre length, these spiral cable and wire tidies will help you to create a safe and secure working environment, which could include removing trip hazards caused by loose cabling. The spiral binding is flexible, allowing you to simply wrap the tidy around your cables, as well as adding individual cables in quickly to an existing bundle.

We also stock a range of different cable protectors and ties, including 1 and 2 channel cable protector kits to help protect your workplace from slips and trips caused by loose cables. For a less intensive way to gather wiring together, take a look at our industrial heavy-duty black and white cable ties or our colour coded nylon ties. Easy and flame retardant, our snap top rubber cable protectors are easy to use and have bevelled edges to reduce the risk of slips and trips in walkways as part of your health and safety policies.

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