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Temporary cable protection/hazard tape

Non-permanent, non-adhesive puncture-resistant tape for cables


£32.95 ex. VAT ( £39.54 inc. VAT)
  • Self-adhesive edges and perforations every 300mm for easy application
  • Ideal for temporary electric cable covering, with warnings in three different languages
  • Highly visible, while keeping cables clean and protected

In the workplace it’s important to ensure all dangerous cables are kept covered so they don’t become a trip or shock hazard. However, sometimes cables need to run across the floor temporarily, and that’s where our temporary cable protection/hazard tape comes in handy.

The special friction free, puncture-resistant, non-adhesive centre section of the tape allows ‘free passage’ for cables without causing damage or leaving sticky residue. Suitable for use on clean, dry floors, the black-on-yellow design also ensures high visibility, highlighting warnings in three different languages.

When the time comes to find a more permanent solution, our two channel cable protector kits are the perfect way to avoid workplace accidents caused by loose cables.

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