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Tamper-evident Anodised Aluminium Cable Lock Seals

Keep goods containers secure in transit and prevent tampering


From: £279.00 ex. VAT ( £334.80 inc. VAT)
  • One-way locking for quick sealing action
  • Suitable for any application where a seal is needed
  • Cable is permanently fixed in the body for increased security

To protect goods while they're being transported, a seal is usually employed so that it can be proven no containers have been opened or tampered with. We offer a wide range of seals and bags for secure packing of goods.

This particular seal is made from a tough and durable anodised aluminium, so will withstand knocks and bumps easily without becoming damaged. It's suitable for sealing trucks and tankers, various types of cargo containers, train carriages or anywhere else a secure seal is needed to maintain the integrity of a transported load. There's a size available for whatever application you need this high-quality seal for.

As one end of the cable is attached to the body of the seal, it is ready to close instantly without being fiddly or comprised of separate parts. The mechanism uses a one-way locking system, which seals quickly and easily. This is perfect for busy warehouses or loading docks where ease of use is essential to keep on top of the workload without causing delays.

The seals are tamper-evident, so you'll know straight away if the security of goods has been compromised, and can be assured that inventory arrives at its destination just as it was when it was dispatched. This helps you keep to the best possible standards of security measures when dealing with shipping.

If you need a good quality container in which to seal goods for transportation, our attached lid containers are strong and stackable, and have a built-in label holder. They can be used with these cable lock seals for high security in transit.

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