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Heavyweight All-Weather Cable And Hose Protector

Ideal for covering and protecting cables in all weathers

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£47.45 ex. VAT
£43.18 ex. VAT ( £51.82 inc. VAT)

  • Ideal for road sites where heavy vehicles are present
  • Made from durable natural rubber
  • Easy snap mechanism for inserting up to 40mm diameter cables

Working on a busy construction site or road works site, there are often many power cables present that are essential in order to operate mechanical equipment. However, these cables can not only become a trip hazard for vehicles and pedestrians working around them, but they can also become damaged upon constant contact with vehicles and other equipment - it is therefore essential to install the necessary electrical safety equipment to prevent injury.

These handy cable protectors are ideal for environments where there are heavy goods vehicles and lorries present. You can insert your cables inside them and they will adequately protect against damage and erosion - even when bearing the weight of large vehicles.

The wire protectors are made from natural rubber, a highly durable material that will not rip, crack or erode under even the most extreme weather conditions or pressure. Designed for long-term use, they are ideal for covering the parts of your cable that cross roads or areas of a construction site where there is a high amount of foot traffic. You will not need to replace your cable protector very often; they can be used time and time again in even the harshest of working environments.

You can insert many heavyweight cables and hoses into the cable housing easily; just snap open the bottom of the device and insert the cable or hose inside. The rubber housing takes cables that are up to 40mm in diameter, which covers most industrial wire types.

For added safety in the workplace, the hose protectors are a 'speed bump' shape; this not only acts as a traffic controller, but also ensures that vehicles can move over them smoothly. They also have a non-slip ridged surface, ensuring that pedestrians can also step on them without the risk of a fall.

We stock a range of cable and wire protectors designed for hard-wearing outdoor use. See our full collection of exterior cable protectors to find the ones that are right for your site and start protecting your hoses and cables today.

Additional Information

Size 1.2m (L)
Channel Size 40mm (dia)

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