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Large Capacity Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Restock toilet tissues less often


From: £13.99 ex. VAT ( £16.79 inc. VAT)
Lower prices are available if you order a higher quantity
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Price £15.99 (£19.19 ) £14.99 (£17.99 £13.99 (£16.79
  • Holds up to 700 sheets at once
  • All fixings included
  • Transparent window shows how much is left

Keeping all of the toilets in your work premises fully stocked with toilet tissue can often be a hassle, involving either frequent maintenance checks throughout the day to replace them or leaving rolls of toilet paper out and exposed where they can potentially get wet and ruined - an unnecessary expense. This simple dispenser gives a smart, elegant and simple way to provide a ready supply of toilet tissue without having to constantly check how much is left. Simply fill it up with our bulk pack recycled toilet tissue, and it will be ready to dispense sheets throughout the day.

Holding up to 700 sheets, which is far more than standard dispensers, this model vastly cuts down on the need for refills, freeing up precious time for other jobs. This type of toilet tissue dispenser also helps save you money, as it dispenses a single sheet at a time. People often have a tendency to take more sheets than they need from a roll, and over time this adds up to a significant amount of wasted money. Dispensing one sheet at a time means people use far less.

A transparent window in the dispenser at a low level makes it easy to see how much tissue is left, so you'll know right away when a refill is needed. It's supplied with all the fixings needed to mount the unit to a wall.

With its bright and clean-looking white plastic construction, the dispenser has a wipe clean surface that helps keep your bathrooms as hygienic as possible. Just a simple wipe over with our antibacterial surface cleanser and the dispenser will be clean and safe. The easy, clean way to keep toilet paper waste to a minimum and ensure there is always plenty available in bathrooms.

Additional Information

Description Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser (Empty)
Packaging Qty. 1
Supplied in Single

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