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Budget Colour-Coded Recycling Sack-Holder Bins

A cost-effective way to ensure recyclable waste is properly sorted

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From: £59.99 ex. VAT ( £71.99 inc. VAT)
  • Lids have colour-coded recycling labels
  • Ready for wall-mounting if needed
  • Bags easily fix in place

Create an organised and intuitive recycling point easily with these simple recycling sack-holders. Each bin has a plain black lid with a colour-coded label showing clearly which type of recycling it is intended for.

Ordinary waste sacks clip into the bin to contain the recycling. You can use any type of bag as long as the size is suitable, but to reinforce the colour-coding, try our biodegradable recycling bags, which come in colours that match those on the lids.

The bins hold the bags in place using a unique system that needs no other fixings or equipment. They are then easy to empty by simply removing the bag and replacing it with a new one. The bins can be linked together to create a full recycling point in one place. Each one is pre-drilled for optional wall-mounting if you choose. The bins couldn't be easier to set up and maintain.

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