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Brown De-Icing and Re-Freezing Prevention Salt

A bulk quantity to keep larger areas safe in icy conditions


£149.00 ex. VAT ( £178.80 inc. VAT)
  • Fast-acting de-icer
  • Prevents re-freezing after ice has melted
  • Gritty residue provides extra grip

When the temperature drops below zero in winter, ice can quickly make roads, car parks and footpaths slippery and hazardous. With this bulk-sized bag of brown de-icing salt, you'll be ready to tackle the problem effectively and quickly.

As soon as the salt is spread over ice, it gets to work melting it quickly. Once the ice is gone, the salt prevents it from re-freezing, so further applications aren't necessary to keep the area safe once it's been treated initially.

The salt also contains insoluble substances, which leave a residue behind with a gritty texture. This helps increase safety further by providing extra grip. With this additional benefit, the de-icing salt is an excellent all-round solution for icy ground.

Stock up in advance and keep your de-icing salt safe and dry year-round with our lockable yellow grit bin. You'll be ready to tackle ice any time it appears.

Additional Information

Description Brown Salt Bulk Bag
Supplied in Single
Weight 900 kg

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