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Brightly-Coloured Anti-Slip Floor Tape

Protect your staff and visitors from trips and falls on slippery floors


From: £30.45 ex. VAT ( £36.54 inc. VAT)

  • Ideal for ensuing safety in play areas, school halls and sports facilities
  • Easy to apply to clean flat surfaces and cut to size as needed
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

Trips and falls are without a doubt among the most common causes of injury in workplaces and public spaces, and slippery floors increase the risk of accidents further. You can help people to stay safe whilst walking on potentially hazardous surfaces by applying anti-slip tape to your premises. This tape is ideal for use in a range of locations where there is lots of foot traffic, such as sports halls, schools, nurseries and hospitals. It is also ideal for marking out areas in sports facilities, such as squash courts and tennis courts, and for marking out temporary hazards.

This hard-wearing tape is built to withstand frequent impact without peeling or coming unstuck. Once applied to the desired areas, it develops an instant strong hold. It is easy to apply your anti-slip tape to the desired area; supplied in a handy 18 metre roll, you can simply cut the tape to the desired length, then just peel off the backing and carefully apply it to a clean, smooth and dry floor, pressing down evenly as you go. The tape is designed to weather all conditions, so can even be used outdoors. This brightly coloured tape is available in four popular shades – red, green, blue and yellow – and is also available as a custom-made kit if required (call Safetyshop for a quote).

Anti-slip tape is a great way to make your floors accident-proof. We stock a range of anti-slip floor tapes and other products, including this aluminium oxide grey floor tape, which offers an advanced level of protection for your staff and visitors and is easy to incorporate into your floor cleaning regime without coming unstuck.

Customer Reviews

80% of customers liked this product

1 year ago

Service: All the signs supplied to me are industry standard and informative

Product: The anti slip tape is more visible and helpful also to distinguish between one step and another.

4 years ago

Service: Flawless service - much appreciatedOur response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in. Customer experience and satisfaction are extremely important to us.


Product: Excellent

5 years ago

Service: prompt,but postage and packing was a substantial proportion of the cost.This small package could have been posted at a much cheaper rate.(free with Amazon!!)Our response: Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. All feedback is important to us and will help our continuous improvements


Product: The tape did not adhere adequately to the stairs,resulting in a tripping hazard.I had to use contact adhesive,which means I will have difficulty removing the tape when I need to replace it in a year or two.

5 years ago

Service: Service very goodOur response: Thanks so much for your comments. Customer experience and satisfaction is extremely important to us.


Product: Tape OK shreds a bit on the step edge. Suggest tape should be placed slightly , 1/4" : 1/2" behind the step edge.
Otherwise good stop gap solution.

5 years ago

Service: I have used Safety Shop for many years under our different company dealership
names and have had no problems with either the staff or the products.
I will continue to use them.

Product: Good

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