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Versatile, self-adhesive PowerMark tape identification for indoor and outdoor use

Labelling tape with excellent adhesion to many metal surfaces


From: £115.00 ex. VAT ( £138.00 inc. VAT)
  • Particularly suitable for labelling nickel or stainless steel
  • Tape can be customised with a unique combination of text and symbols
  • Suitable for use outdoors

Finding labels or signs that will adhere firmly to metal surfaces can be a challenge, particularly in outdoor, harsh environments. This is why durable, weather resistant polyester printing tape is always in demand. Its minimal negative charge enables it to adhere particularly well on stainless steel or nickel objects. Highly durable, the labelling tape is suitable for outside signage as it's immune to the problems which damp and temperature changes can bring.

One of a wide selection of label printers and tapes which we provide, this PowerMark polyester tape is intended for use with the PowerMark sign and label maker.

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Brand Brady

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