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Mini circuit breaker lockout kit for heightened electrical safety

Eliminate the risk of machinery unexpectedly "going live" with a circuit breaker lockout


From: £8.99 ex. VAT ( £10.79 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for multi-pole and single circuit breakers
  • Tie Bar Lockout that's straight-forward and quick to apply
  • Constructed from ultra-tough nylon filled with glass

Suitable for any situation where there's the potential for an electrical supply to be accidentally switched on during maintenance or repair tasks, this handy lockout kit is one of a number of lockout kits which we have available.

Designed to be speedily snapped into place, the lockout will ensure that power can't pass into the system until the padlock is removed. No tools are needed to operate the lockout and a handy thumb wheel ensures that this tie bar lockout is quick to put in place. If required, we have suitable padlocks available.

Additional Information

Brand Brady

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