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High performance Brady Gate Valve Lockout

Highly durable security for gate valve wheels


From: £7.99 ex. VAT ( £9.59 inc. VAT)

  • Denies access and covers valve handles
  • Exceptionally resilient polypropylene grade for long term performance
  • Tamper proofed stainless steel hinges for improved strength

If you're looking to introduce a lockout procedure on a gate valve, these Brady Gate Valve Lockouts can be relied upon to deliver high levels of performance year after year. These gate valve lockouts work by preventing the rotation of the gate valve, serving to lock the gate valve down and prevent operation. While the lockout tagout equipment is able to rotate around the hand wheel, the wheel itself will remain fixed in place.

The gate valve lockout can be secured by one of our range of heavy duty padlocks, which are designed to provide exceptional strength with a long lifespan.

The valve lockout itself is constructed from high strength polypropylene plastic, which has been proven incredibly effective against the stresses and strains of a valve’s operating environment – including high and low temperature extremes, cracking and other abrasion. This resilient polymer grade makes the gate valve lockout suitable for the challenges of outdoor use.

This Brady gate valve lockout cannot be popped open, with tamper proofed stainless steel hinges offering an additional dimension of security. With a knockout centre feature, the gate valve knockout is also able to allow for Y ‘rising stem’ and OS valves as required.

Available to suit a wide range of different diameter valve handles, ranging from 25mm to 330mm, these lockouts offer a reliable layer of protection against some of the risks associated with gate valves. Performing well in virtually any environment, these Brady gate valve lockouts represent a strong investment in the safety of your operations for years to come.

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