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Highly visible reflective Brady printer tape

Enhance worker safety with reflective information labels visible in low light


From: £22.95 ex. VAT ( £27.54 inc. VAT)
  • Designed to improve the label's visibility in poorly lit conditions
  • Tape can be tailored with a unique message or set of symbols
  • Self-adhesive tape that provides a firm fix once applied to the appropriate surface

On many occasions, workers may find themselves attempting tasks in poorly lit or dim conditions. In these circumstances, reflective tape labels can make it easier and quicker to identify the right equipment or raise awareness of a potential hazard.

This reflective label tape has been designed for use with the BMP41 printer. The reflective printer label tape is part of our range of printer tapes. As well as being highly reflective, it also sticks well to most clean surfaces due to its high tack, and is resistant to damp.

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