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Rapid charger designed for use with the BMP 71 Label Printer

Ensure your printer can be quickly and easily recharged


£126.00 ex. VAT ( £151.20 inc. VAT)
  • Charges the BMP 71 Label printer in as little as four hours
  • Can be used anywhere there is a power supply
  • Compact, easily transportable design

When you need to take your printer on location, ensuring it can be easily recharged is vital. This compact, highly portable printer charger is ideal for use on site or at an event. Designed for the Brady BMP 71 label printer, the electrical charger simply plugs into a power socket and is then ready for use.

The printer slots into the contoured aperture on the top of the charger, providing an effective battery recharging solution wherever you are. If you're preparing for a trip away with your printer, don't forget we also sell printer labels, for you to ensure you have labels on hand at any time.

Additional Information

Tape (W x L)
Description BMP71 Quickcharger
Supplied in Single

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