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Multi-purpose Brady indoor/outdoor vinyl tape

Create climate durable and high-performing signage or labels


From: £34.75 ex. VAT ( £41.70 inc. VAT)
  • Designed to withstand exceptionally high temperatures as well as those common in refrigerated environments
  • Can be customised with individualised text and symbols
  • Works well on many irregularly contoured or rounded surfaces

There are many situations where only a highly durable tape will do. This premium grade label and signage vinyl tape has been specially formulated for use in extremely high or extremely low temperatures. Resistant to moisture and capable of sticking to almost any clean, dry surface, the printer tape offers excellent adhesion and is designed to provide long-lasting performance.

The vinyl tape is created for use with the Brady BMP71 printer. If you need other tapes for the BMP71, we stock a good selection of suitable printer tapes and labels to provide alternative appropriate solutions.

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