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Adhesive repositional vinyl tape

Clean removal minimises the risk of unwanted adhesive remains.


From: £60.75 ex. VAT ( £72.90 inc. VAT)
  • Strong adhesive tape that's ideal for temporary signs or items that need frequent repositioning
  • Tape removes cleanly, leaving supporting surface free from residue
  • Incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications

It's always irritating when tape removal leaves residue behind: not only do adhesive remains look unsightly, they can also attract dirt, potentially creating further problems. This handy, residue-free tape offers an effective solution. The repositional tape provides strong adhesion, but removes cleanly, leaving the underlying surface in pristine condition. It's perfect for lean inventory and 5S labels.

Made from hard-wearing vinyl, this adhesive tape is from our label and printer tapes selection which provides suitable options for labels, signs and more. This sticky tape is ideal for use with the BBP31 sign and label printer.

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