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Brady Cold Temperature Permanent Adhesive Tape

For identification of objects and surfaces that can become as cold as minus 40 degrees centigrade


From: £107.00 ex. VAT ( £128.40 inc. VAT)
  • Revolutionary adhesive permanently sticks to surfaces
  • Capable of enduring temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius
  • Ideal for cold storage areas, such as freezers and warehouses

There are various areas in a workplace or public area that need to be clearly marked out and identified, whatever the weather. Our cold temperature tape is designed specifically for use in extremely cold temperatures, and can withstand constant coldness as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The cold weather tape can even be applied in temperatures as cold as -23 degrees Celsius.

In order to endure these immensely cold conditions, the icy weather tape has a special adhesive that permanently sticks to cold surfaces. This makes the extreme temperature tape ideal for use in locations such as warehouses, freezers and outdoor locations that experience cold conditions.

Self-adhesive tapes are an excellent way to mark directions on surfaces. For everyday surfaces, try our high performance tape.

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