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Bollé Safety Blast Tinted Welding Goggles

Protect against bright light and mechanical risks with these comfortable goggles


£22.20 ex. VAT ( £26.64 inc. VAT)
  • Suited to low energy oxyfuel welding
  • Bright light, ultraviolet and infra-red protection
  • Anti-scratch lenses

These safety goggles are designed specifically for use in welding, where bright light, projectiles and heat are hazards specific to the job. When your work requires protective equipment to be worn, it's important that it remains comfortable and doesn't get in your way, and the goggles have been designed with this in mind.

The adjustable strap is attached to the frame of the goggles with swivel ball joints, which relieves the amount of pressure. They can be worn comfortably over ordinary glasses, and provide a large viewing area to avoid obstructing your vision.

For safety, the goggles are resistant to extreme temperatures and medium energy impacts. The tinted lenses protect against bright lights, as well as UV and IR. The goggles are of high-quality construction, providing effective and reliable protection for hazardous work.

For heavier risks, our polycarbonate faceshield protects against medium impacts and provides a larger area of cover.

Additional Information

Brand Bollé®
Colour(s) Black
Lens Color 5 Dark Green
Material Polycarbonate, Acetate (lenses), Nylon (strap), TPR (frame)
Packaging Qty. 1
Scratchproof Yes
Specifications / Characteristics Anti-scratch
Lens marking: 5 1 B 9 CE
Supplied in One pair
Weight 113 g

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