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Durable Plastic Or Vinyl Biohazard Warning Signs

Provide adequate warning to staff and visitors of the presence of biological hazards


From: £2.80 ex. VAT
From: £2.27 ex. VAT ( £2.72 inc. VAT)

  • Conforms to UK and EU Health and Safety signage regulations
  • Bold message in yellow and black with warning triangle
  • Choice of rigid plastic or vinyl with easy application

Biological hazards in the workplace can cause a significant danger to your staff and visitors if not managed in the right way. The workplace Health and Safety Regulations of 1996 state that all biohazards must be clearly identified with universally recognised biohazard warning signs so that staff and visitors can take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. These biohazard signs are compliant with these regulations and are an effective means to adequately warn people.

The biohazard signs come in a mandatory bright yellow and black colouring. Bold, black text is displayed on a bright yellow background for high visibility, even when viewed from a considerable distance. Above the text is the mandatory hazard warning triangle, in which sits a biohazard pictogram for added clarity of message.

The warning signs are available in a choice of three particularly durable materials – a rigid plastic, self-adhesive vinyl or a self-adhesive rigid plastic. The self-adhesive signage options do not require fixtures and fittings; you can simply peel off the backing to reveal the self-adhesive surface and stick into place. Once stuck, the signs have a particularly strong hold, which will not peel or come unstuck as a result of tampering or picking. The non-adhesive option is also easy to fix into place using a universal application, and is ideal for irregular surfaces such as posts, poles and fencing.

The caution signs come in a range of sizes, which makes them ideal for placing in various locations around your facility – from large surfaces to small cupboards and doors. The biohazard signs are also built to be long-lasting; although commonly used indoors, their sturdiness also means they can withstand outdoor conditions and tough chemical environments. You can easily clean your hazard signs too; their smooth surfaces make them easy to wipe clean with a basic cloth.

For an alternative to these signs, you may also be interested in ourcaution biological hazard signs, for marking out dangerous areas.

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