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Tough and Resilient Bin Liners

Keep premises litter free with high-quality refuse sacks and liners.


From: £7.99 ex. VAT ( £9.59 inc. VAT)

  • Fits most commercial and domestic needs
  • Five sack sizes and colours available
  • Heavy-duty

This wide range of durable bin liners and refuse sacks come in packs of 100, 200 or 1000 to meet long-term or heavy-duty needs. The options available range from smaller white pedal bin liners, through swing and square bin liners, to ultra-strong, 280-gauge, black plastic compactor sacks.

Included in the range are our five different colours of 120-gauge outdoor refuse sacks, available in green as well as blue, red, white and yellow, allowing you to colour code your litter to meet different recycling or collection needs. Choose from five different sizes using the following formula: size = bottom bag width x top bag width x bag height.

All of these liners and bags are designed to properly fulfil the needs of the user, made from high-quality plastic befitting the tasks at hand. While cheaper sacks might tear or need to be 'double bagged' in order to survive from the workplace to pick up, these resilient bags provide the assurance necessary to efficiently clean without further worry, whether used for wastepaper baskets in the smallest instance, or the heavy-duty waste of a commercial kitchen.

Of course, while these products represent some of our most ordered liners and sacks, they are by no means the complete range here at Safetyshop. A more extensive collection of sacks is available, from heavy-duty rubble sacks through to compostable kitchen bin liners. Whatever your specific need, we are sure to have something which is a perfect fit.

Additionally, if you are looking to update your on-site refuse bins, we stock a wide range of those too with indoor bins,outdoor and commercial-use bins, and a full range of recycling bins and containers.

  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners
  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners
  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners
  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners
  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners
  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners
  • Tough and Resilient Bin Liners

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Service: Excellent service, no problems

Product: Very good delivery service, I wish that they had been in rolls,rather than a box.

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