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Bevelled borders for anti-tiredness mat tiles

Edges suitable for fatigue-reducing matting tiles to prevent falls


From: £20.55 ex. VAT ( £24.66 inc. VAT)
  • Perfect for use in industrial areas with lots of foot traffic
  • Available in two alternative colours
  • Prevent injury from trips or falls thanks to bevelled edges

Installing anti-fatigue matting tiles is a great first step towards a safer, more secure workplace. However, any differentiation in floor level always poses a trip hazard, which is why these bevelled edges make an ideal addition to your anti-fatigue tiles in any working environment.

Purchasable in either safety yellow or black, these COBA edges will draw natural awareness to matted areas, preventing any workers from falling. They are particularly useful in welding areas, or anywhere where personnel frequently pass through, such as machinery-heavy operative zones. For a lighter alternative to the anti-tiredness mats, we also stock lighter duty matting, though in any area where additions have been made to the floor, be sure to place appropriate signage for all to see.

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Brand COBA

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