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Nickel and steel locking ball chain

Ball chains that lock - ideal for attaching identity or dog tags.


£27.75 ex. VAT ( £33.30 inc. VAT)
  • Supplied in 114mm lengths
  • Each length has a locking link
  • Sold in packs of 100.

Correctly identifying stock and equipment can be a huge practical challenge for any business. Depending on the size of yours, you may be dealing with multiple types of items, keys or other small implements that need to be labelled so that they can be quickly chosen from a group. Working in harmony with dog tags, these sturdy locking ball chains are commonly used to quickly and simply attach one thing to another. With an easy locking clasp supplied at one end of each 114mm length, you can connect the two ends together to make a loop by inserting one end into the other. The balls lock into place, leaving you with a handy loop to hold anything from keys to steel dog tags.

Built to the traditional design, these chains allow for maximum flexibility and are made from a brightly polished nickel coating on top of tough steel. This means that they're built for most environments, including heat and cold and in the wet or the dry. The polished coating also means that the chains look clean and stylish - hence why they are commonly used in customer facing products or in front of house areas. A low tech, traditional solution to attaching one item to another, these chains can be used by anyone to keep things tidy, identified and together, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient working environment. A chain that will not kink, they can also be stored in bulk without the risk of tangling that can come with using cable ties.

We also sell a range of different shapes, sizes and materials of tags which are compatible with these ball chains, such as numbered brass and aluminium tags, round or square blank stainless steel or aluminium valve tags, engraved anodised aluminium tags, blank brass valve tags, and standard stainless steel and aluminium valve tags. For identification attachments with greater security, try our tamper proof meter seals.

Additional Information

Material Nickel
Pack Qty. 100
Packaging Qty. 100
Product Description Beaded Link Chain
Supplied in Pack of 100

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