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Boltless industrial racking joiners

Bay joiners for connecting industrial shelving bays


£6.99 ex. VAT ( £8.39 inc. VAT)

  • Comes in a set of six ready for use
  • Essential for shelving where screws are absent
  • Suitable for a range of industrial storage environments

In a garage, stock room, warehouse or factory, it's imperative that you have ample and safe storage facilities to keep products and goods both organised and secure. With heavy-duty boltless racking able to store up to 2500kg per unit, you need joiners that are both reliable and sturdy to keep the shelving bays together.

These bay joiners are extremely solid, durable and strong, allowing you to go on with your work without fear of stored items becoming damaged. Sold in packs of six, they're ready to use - simply clip the two bays together and secure with the boltless racking joiners accordingly. This versatile product additionally allows you to join the racking units either side by side or back to back, so you can use the bay joiners to place the shelving in a way that best suits your requirements.

Additional Information

Size (H x W x D)
Description Bay Joiners – Set of 6
Supplied in Single

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