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Colour-Coded 'Batteries' WRAP Recycling Sign in Rigid Plastic or Vinyl

Maximise your recycling efforts and help staff sort waste efficiently


From: £13.50 ex. VAT
From: £10.94 ex. VAT ( £13.12 inc. VAT)
  • Colour-coded for a quick, efficient waste disposal procedure
  • Many different sizes and layouts available
  • Choose the material that best suits your needs

Recycling as many materials as possible is an important responsibility of the modern employer. The WRAP scheme is a government initiative that strives to encourage businesses to recycle all the waste they can, and playing your part in it is easy if you have an efficient system in place.

Our recycling signs follow the WRAP colour-coding guidelines, which categorise different types of materials and assigns each a colour. This makes it much easier for people to sort waste as they go, since the correct bin can be recognised instantly once people are used to the different colours. Effective sorting as waste is disposed of means less time spent sorting further down the line, and a minimised risk of materials being disposed of incorrectly. In certain waste disposal facilities, this could lead to a fine or other action, so it's best to do everything you can to prevent it.

This sign lets you designate a disposal point for batteries, and it's coloured pink like similar items such as fluorescent tubes. The sign is available in a range of different sizes, which include both landscape and portrait orientation options, so you can get a perfect fit for displaying clearly next to, above or below your batteries bin. For indoor use, our battery recycling bin is designed to look like a battery, which makes it easy for people to recognise its purpose.

Once you've decided on the size you need, you can choose to have the sign in either rigid polypropylene plastic or self-adhesive vinyl, depending on the size required. The rigid plastic option is strong and durable, suitable for indoor or outdoor display on flat surfaces using the fixing method of your choice. The vinyl version of the sign has a self-adhesive backing for instant application and can be used on curved surfaces as well as flat. It's also tough enough to withstand varying weather conditions outside.

If you want to create a quick recycling point in areas where space is limited, our compact colour-coded bins are the perfect choice for doing so.

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