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Highly Visible Polyethylene Caution Tape

A cost-effective way to cordon off areas in an emergency


From: £30.75 ex. VAT ( £36.90 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for various different emergencies
  • Durable polyethylene material
  • Highly visible design

If an emergency happens in your workplace, keeping people away from dangerous areas should be one of the first priorities in order to ensure their safety. With this warning tape, you can create instant barriers around spills, over doorways and around any other hazardous area. The simple 'Caution' message on the tape makes it highly versatile, suitable for any type of emergency. However, we also stock a selection of barricade tapes with more specific safety messages, for particular types of hazards.

In bright yellow with black print, the tape provides a high level of visibility to make sure it isn't missed. It's made from a strong polyethylene that won't tear easily when you're in the process of putting the tape up, and will stay in place well to keep the area secure.

From fires and electrical hazards to chemical spills and gas leaks, this tape is an effective way to keep dangerous areas clear after evacuation.

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