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Highly Visible Wet Paint Warning Tape

Create a quick barrier around freshly painted surfaces


From: £30.75 ex. VAT ( £36.90 inc. VAT)
  • Yellow tape for increased visibility
  • Robust material
  • Easy to use and highly effective

Making sure people are aware of wet paint – and that they don't touch it – is important not just for protecting the painted surface, but also for stopping clothes or equipment from becoming damaged by paint.

With this tape, you can quickly form a barrier around newly-painted walls, posts, equipment or any other surface, with a clear warning that the paint is still wet. This is an extremely effective way to warn people not to touch the painted surfaces, creating a clear area for people to keep out of.

The tape is made from strong polyethylene and is designed to perform reliably in indoor and outdoor conditions. The yellow background to the black text maximises visibility, so the tape is sure to be seen when used.

For situations where tape is not the most practical option, our floor-standing wet paint sign is a great way to inform people of painted surfaces.

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