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Highly-Visible Open Trench Warning Tape

Prevent accidents by marking the perimeter of open trenches


From: £30.75 ex. VAT ( £36.90 inc. VAT)
  • Yellow design for extra visibility
  • Made of polyethylene for a strong tape
  • Highly effective warning method

Open trenches on sites and at work premises may sometimes need to be left unattended. This tape provides an extremely effective way of warning staff and visitors about them by creating a highly visible boundary around the trench itself, stopping people from falling in due to not noticing it.

The strong tape is made from polyethylene, a plastic that won't tear or fade in wet weather, keeping its important safety message clearly readable. The bright yellow of the tape makes it easy to see, maximising safety levels.

By using the tape with our heavy-duty fencing pins, you can quickly and easily create a fence around open trenches, with a clear warning message to increase its effectiveness. This ensures that it will be seen, and will prevent accidents.

This safety tape gives you peace of mind if open trenches and pits need to be left unattended, and also increases safety in busy areas where attention can easily lapse.

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