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Explosive Atmosphere Highly Visible Warning Tape

Quickly cordon off and secure areas where explosions are a risk


From: £30.75 ex. VAT ( £36.90 inc. VAT)
  • Strong, high-quality polyethylene
  • High visibility yellow and black design
  • Create an effective barrier in seconds

With this strong polyethylene warning tape, it's easy to fence off dangerous areas in just seconds. If an emergency situation has created an explosive atmosphere, it's important to keep people away for their own safety, and this warning tape is a highly effective way to do so. You can quickly create a boundary a safe distance from the explosive area, ensuring that people won't inadvertently wander into danger.

The yellow and black design of the tape makes it highly visible, so the hazardous area will be clearly cordoned off and seen by all. The tape is manufactured from polyethylene, a strong plastic that means the tape is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and won't easily become damaged while you're placing it.

In areas where there's a long-term explosive atmosphere, our no admittance warning signs let people know of the danger, and instruct unauthorised personnel to keep away.

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