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Lockable shut-off valve barrel tap steel drum

Steel barrel tap with cast iron spout, empties 210l drums in approx. 3 mins


£139.00 ex. VAT ( £166.80 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for 50mm/2 inch BSP openings
  • Outlet spout in cast iron
  • Steel tap (SDRT) with lockable shut-off valve

For the safe, convenient emptying of large drums, this durable barrel tap is capable of emptying 210 litre drums in approximately 3 minutes.

The barrel tap, also known as a drum tap, is suitable for use with standard 2" (50mm) BSP openings. For other non-standard sizes of openings, this product may be used with a barrel adapter and an o-ring, which can both be bought separately.

This substantial barrel tap has a lockable shut-off valve for safety and ease of use and is made of steel with a cast iron outlet spout, which is a durable, rust-resistant material. This long-lasting product will make it quick to empty fluids - water, oils, and other liquids - securely and conveniently.

More taps and other barrel accessories, including pumps and adaptors to meet all your drum and barrel needs, can be found in the drum storage and handling section.

Additional Information

Description Drum Tap
Material Steel with Iron Spout
Specifications / Characteristics 2" (50 mm) BSP openings
Supplied in Single

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